Team Information

VHHS Girls' Lacrosse Player Handout

Please see the Expectations tab for our Player Handout and a mandatory team form that must be completed by the first Saturday after team levels are announced for the season.  A player will not be allowed to participate in games until this form is submitted.


Equipment consists of a girls’ lacrosse stick; SEI-certified goggles (to the current ASTM Standard 3077); cleats (soccer style or football type); running shoes; and at least two (2) colored, non-white, mouth guards.  Players may purchase and utilize headgear, at their own option, if it is SEI-certified (to meet ASTM standard F3137).

  • Information from US Lacrosse on approved equipment (sticks, goggles, headgear) can be found using the following link:


Goalie equipment is provided by the team although the player may choose to purchase her own equipment.

Uniforms are provided for each player. 


Recommendations for equipment are provided in the following link: