Learning Support Teams

Welcome to the Learning Support Team (LST) webpage. The LST at Vernon Hills High School is made up of counselors, team leaders, social workers, and support staff. LST members are generally available from 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parents are welcome to schedule appointments with LST members by calling (847) 932-2002 or (847) 932-2005. Some services that the LST offers include:

  • Academic counseling
  • College/Career counseling
  • Social/Emotional support
  • Course Planning
  • Attendance concerns
  • Standardized Testing questions

In Need of Some Support?

Photo of Greg Stilling

Greg Stilling

Assistant Principal

Bill Bellecomo staff photo

Bill Bellecomo

Team Leader

Avelino Cortez staff photo

Avelino Cortez

Team Leader

Madeline Hall staff photo

Madeline Hall

Team Leader

Juan Carlos Avila staff photo

Juan Carlos Avila


Photo of Stephen Downey

Stephen Downey


Photo of Shannon Garcia

Shannon Garcia


Photo of Tiffany Heinlein

Tiffany Heinlein


Daniel Pien staff photo

Daniel Pien


Photo of Natasha Rosenak

Natasha Rosenak


Photo of Rebecca Bellito

Rebecca Bellito


Nicole Carson

Student Services - CRC ESP

Photo of Sara Gunther

Sara Gunther

Student Services Admin. Asst.

Photo of Tara Hilliard

Tara Hilliard

LST Secretary

Photo of Julie Moore

Julie Moore

LST Secretary

Michelle Tran staff photo

Michelle Tran

LST Secretary

Ginger De La Garza staff photo

Ginger De La Garza

LST Secretary

Sogi Thomas staff photo

Sogi Thomas

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Photo of Amy Dillon

Amy Dillon

Prevention & Wellness Coordinator

Photo of Josephine DiMarco

Josephine DiMarco

Social Worker

Photo of Doug Dusthimer

Doug Dusthimer

Social Worker

Kajal Patel-Thakkar staff photo

Kajal Patel-Thakkar

VHHS School Nurse

Diane Dantes

VHHS School Nurse

Kely Olivia-Torres staff photo