Academic Counseling

School Counseling Department

All students are assigned to a school counselor upon entering Vernon Hills High School. School Counselors assist students with the following:

  • Successfully navigating the high school process while helping to prepare them for post-secondary options
  • Acting as liaison to all academic departments, school services, and the community
  • Academic advising, career and post-secondary guidance and personal/social support

The School Counseling Department works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program for all students. To make an appointment to see a counselor, students can go to the LST and sign their name in an open slot during their study hall period, lunch period, before or after school. Students are also welcome to email their counselors to make an appointment.

Counselor 2023 2022 2021 2020 Contact BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
Austin A-Ch A-C A-Da A-Ci Email Mr. Austin

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Garcia Ci-Gr D-G De-Ho Co-Ha Email Mrs. Garcia Book Mrs. Garcia
Avila Gu-La H-Le Hu-Li He-Kl Email Mr. Avila Book Mr. Avila
Heinlein Le-Pa Li-N Lo-Pa Ko-O Email Mrs. Heinlein

Book Mrs. Heinlein

Firnbach Pe-Sh O-Si Pe-St P-Se Email Mrs. Firnbach

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Downey Si-Z Sl-Z Sv-Z Sh-Z Email Mr. Downey

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